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Why Choose Cammo Injury Attorneys for Your Slip and Fall Case?

Our Dedicated and  Compassionate Team is Here to Help You

Our goal is to help you. When you have been injured, the only thing you need to worry about the competence of your lawyers. Our team knows the law and fights for you. We will handle your case and help you receive the appropriate settlement for your slip and fall injury. When you choose us, you’ll have a compassionate team by your side.

Cammo Injury Attorneys Litigate Cases

Our team of dedicated and professional lawyers is ready and able to take cases to court. We are known for excellent litigation among defense attorneys and insurance companies. This makes us stand out from other attorneys.

Experienced and Dedicated Staff

Our professional lawyers consider each and every client as their family. Every time you choose our team, you know that you’ll be in safe hands.

100% Client  Satisfaction

We deliver positive outcomes for our clients no matter how complex the case is. Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority.

We, at Cammo Injury Attorneys, helped many slip and fall victims receive the settlement they deserve and we will help you too. Let our compassionate lawyers fight for you in your critical time. No need to visit insurance companies by yourself. Our law firm has the resources and skills to fight for the justice you deserve. We will investigate your slip and fall case and help you win without hassle.

Want to know if you have a case for a slip and fall lawsuit? Call us today! We will answer your questions and provide you with the maximum possible settlement that you deserve. Let us help you today in your slip and fall case!

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Slip & Fall Attorney

It is quite challenging to prove negligence in a premises liability suit. The test is whether the highlighted property is safe for its intended use. To hold the property owner responsible for slip and fall injuries. the victim must prove that the property is unsafe.

Our legal firm can help you or your loved one receive the appropriate compensation for medical bills, time in the hospital and doctor’s visits, lost wages and time away from work, pain and suffering as a result of your slip and fall, future treatments and therapies related to your injuries and disfigurement or severe scarring

Common Causes of Slips and Falls

  • No warnings posted on construction areas
  • Wet or waxed floors, bad flooring or unmarked step-offs
  • Loose steps
  • Uncleared snow or ice
  • Steep steps
  • Loose carpeting
  • Holes in pavement or floors
  • Broken or missing treads and handrails
  • Accidents on elevators or escalators
  • Debris from a spill
  • Standing puddles of water
  • Hidden drop-offs
  • Exposed cords
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Liquids or Spills
  • Unanchored rugs or mats